“London Bridges Falling Down”- Teaser Trailer


London Bridges Falling Down – Teaser Trailer from George Glennon on Vimeo.


The first teaser trailer from George Brian Glennon’s stunning London Based financial crime thriller, surrounding the international fashion world, “London Bridges Falling Down”!

From the first book of George Glennon’s “London Bridges Trilogy”.

Written and Directed by George Brian Glennon
Director of Photography Daniel O’Flaherty

Dedicated website to launch at www.londonbridgesmovie.com

Mark Strong


May 13, 2016

Mark Strong’s devastatingly brilliant performance in “View” was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I saw this at Wyndham’s in the West End and talked to Mark that week.

Mark won the Olivier Award for best actor for this role and on June 12th he’ll be vying for the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Role.

I’m doing everything possible to get him to play male lead Alexander Donnelly in “London Bridges Falling Down”

Good Luck on June 12th Mark.

Designer David Koma and “London Bridges Falling Down”


It’s no secret that I’ve championed David’s career from right out of the gate at Central, long before Kylie, Beyonce, and Hollywood came calling. David continues to create jaw dropping sculptural designs for the biggest names in music and film, and now heads the creative force behind the legendary Parisian “House of Mugler”

I was a guest at David’s show at LFW and he was very excited to hear about the film.

I was literally floored when he told me that he could “Come up with something” for a major photo shoot for the beautiful and unique women in LBFD…. Ferrari’s, Financial Markets, and the cutting edge of global fashion….I’ll take it!

P.S I can’t imagine anyone else that could have created a dress like Reese is wearing above. Showstopping! David’s talent is on another planet.


“London Bridges Falling Down”


“London Bridges Falling Down” is George Brian Glennon’s stunning London based financial thriller surrounding the international fashion world.

Starring Evelyn Lockley, Laura Bingham, Noel Cecil,  with Allan McKenna

Director of Photography Daniel O’Flaherty

The film is now in post-production.

A dedicated website will launch at www.londonbridgesfallingdown.co.uk

(At time of premier)


Brits 2015

!                         TOMMY D  Backstage shenanigans. Tommy D. is the best. Love this guy! This is the first selfie I’ve ever been in and with an Oscar winner no less!

Left to right: Producer/Writer Tommy D, Academy Award winning composer Paul Epworth, Actress Laura Bingham, Producer/Writer George Glennon

Lord Richard Attenborough


I would like to extend my deepest condolences to all of my friends, the leadership, and students at RADA on the passing of the academy’s legendary president Lord Richard Attenborough.

Dick Attenborough was one of the greatest actors and directors in the history of cinema.

A man of courage, spine, conviction, and enormous talent.  His legacy can be seen in the fact that most of the very greatest actors working today continue to come from the UK.

I’m humbled that Lord Attenborough is a large part of the foundation of influence on me where I couldn’t possibly make my film anywhere but in London, with British actors.


George Glennon   August 25th, 2014